“The Challenge of Leadership Seminar” Serena Mountain Village Hotel, Arusha

ALI EA Class 4 (Mawimbi – 2013)

“The Challenge of Leadership Seminar”
Serena Mountain Village Hotel, Arusha

12th to 17th November 2013.

“The Challenge of Leadership Seminar, which is the first in a series of four, was held at Serena Mountain Village Hotel, Arusha from 12th to 17th November 2013. The Seminar 1 week started off with a  launch party at which all the fellows were able to attend including 3 fellows from UWEPOclass, Awel Uwihanganye, Lawrence Mafuru and Davith Kahwa. Moderators Keith Berwick and Mariam Luyombo together were also there together with ALI EAF management team Chairman Mr. Ali Mufuruki, Martha Maeda (Mr. Ali’s PA)  and Alice Mwiru (PO).

“We are proud to send this group of exceptionally talented men and women on a journey of discovery and reflection, a journey we hope will help them discover their true talents and strengthen their resolve to lead wisely in an increasingly complex and challenging global environment” said Mr. Ali A. Mufuruki, Founder and Chairman of ALI EA Foundation as he spoke during the launch.

 Rockefeller’s Associate Director Mr. C.D. Glin also addressed the audience and gave an inspiring welcome note. ‘’ Our mission, to enhance the well-being of humanity has not changed since our founding in 1913, and in this, our 100th year we are proud to support the journey that these accomplished and successful African individuals have embarked upon to become a cohort of significant and transformational leaders for Africa.’’ he said.

 The Challenge of Leadership: Is a 4-day seminar in which the Fellows are exposed to a range of leadership styles –Mahatma Gandhi to Jean Monnet, Martin Luther King Jr. to Nelson Mandela.  The Fellows produce a personal handbook of the attributes of effective, enlightened leaders – and of what such leaders do and don’t do”