ALI Program Relevance in East Africa

Despite positive results from economic restructuring, increased investment and less government interference in the private sector, Kenya continues to be dogged by severe poverty and inequality and corruption resulting in suspensions by the IMF and World Bank of assistance programs a decade ago and more recently the outbreak of violence and bloodletting that followed the outcome of a flawed presidential election in December of 2007.

Uganda and Tanzania are both among the poorest countries of the world. In Uganda the economy has continued to improve and many Indian-Ugandan entrepreneurs are returning to the country.  In Tanzania there is still much needed reform of the economic sector and they are faced with high mortality rate resulting from HIV/AIDS and new inflows of refugees from the Democratic Republic of Congo and Burundi.  

Rwanda is the only exception having made a remarkable turnaround from the genocide of 1994 to position itself as a dynamic growth hub whose influence is felt across the region.