Paul Aliker’s take on International membership – Academy of General Dentistry

If I have learned anything from my ALI-EA journey thus far, it is that we are being called upon to be deliberate.
And on the subject of being deliberate, I am attaching my guest article in the Academy of General Dentistry’s monthly news magazine, AGD Impact which was released only today. AGD is the foremost organization of general dentists in North America, and the largest constituent organization within the American and Canadian Dental Associations. It serves as both a lobby for general dentists and promoter of high-quality continuing professional education.
Until recently, AGD membership has been exclusive to dentists who have qualified from US and Canadian dental schools, with foreign-trained dentists viewed as having the potential to disrupt or taint the organization. Having graduated from a US dental school but practiced overseas for close to twenty years, I am against such an elitist stance and believe such suspicions are misguided. Several members have rather courageously supported extending AGD’s membership internationally (please consider how insular the US is, especially in the health care sector!), a move which was finally passed in July by the Academy’s governing body.
#Warm Smiles
Dr. Paul Okello Aliker