One of the principal purposes of ALI-EA Foundation is to raise funds for the ALI project.  Based on the current seminar design, the minimum cost for a class of 24 Fellows to go through all 4 seminars is approximately $1,000,000. The class of 2008 was funded by and the foundation continues to raise funds to be able to continue to build capacity to fund the rolling out of successive ALI Fellowship classes in East Africa. Each class will share seminar experiences held in East Africa and at the Aspen Institute in Aspen, Colorado. The Foundation has managed to raise from the following supporters:

ALI-EA F Fundraising Results May 2007

No Individual/Organization
1 (USA)
2 Ali Mufuruki (Tanzania)
3 Peter Flaherty (USA)
4 Founding Members of ALI EAF
5 Tim & Bernie Marquez (USA)
6 Tom Perkins (USA)
7 Arjun Gupta (USA)
8 Patrick Kairu (Uganda)
9 West Family Foundation  (USA)
10 Infotech Investment Group (TANZANIA)