ALI East Africa Foundation LTD Management

ALI East Africa Foundation is managed by an executive committee chaired by Henry Crown Fellow and ALI Co-Founder Ali A. Mufuruki based in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. The Executive committee reports to a Board of Trustees made up of respected senior leaders from East Africa and the United States of America.

ALI East Africa Foundation Interim Executive Committee

No Name Designation Nationality
1 Ali A. Mufuruki Chairman Tanzanian
2 Zuhura Muro (ALI Fellow 2002) Secretary Tanzanian
3 Hildegard Mziray (ALI Fellow 2002) Treasurer Tanzanian
4 Francis Kwimbere (ALI Fellow 2002) Coordinator, Board of Trustees Tanzanian
5 Prof. Maggie Kigozi (ALI Fellow 2002) Member Ugandan
6 Alice Mwiru Program Officer Tanzanian
7 Martha Maeda Special Assistant to the Chairman Tanzanian

ALI East Africa Foundation Board of Trustees

No Name Designation Nationality
1 Ali A. Mufuruki (Henry Crown Fellow 2001) Chairman Tanzanian
2 Francis Kwimbere (ALI Fellow 2002) Coordinator Tanzanian
3 Prof. Maggie Kigozi (ALI Fellow 2002) Trustee Ugandan
4 Hildegard Mziray (ALI Fellow 2002) Trustee Tanzanian
5 Zuhura Muro (ALI Fellow 2002) Secretary & Treasurer Tanzanian
6 Mariam Luyombo (ALI Fellow 2002) Trustee Ugandan
7 Mahmoud Kombo (ALI Fellow 2002) Trustee Tanzanian
8 Palkesh Shah (ALI Fellow 2002) Trustee Kenya
9 Linus Gitahi (ALI Fellow 2002) Trustee Kenya
10 Elkanah Odembo (ALI Fellow 2002) Trustee Kenya
11 Catherine Ngahu (ALI Fellow 2002) Trustee Kenya
12 Peter Reiling (Exec. VP Aspen Institute & Henry Crown Fellow, Millennium Class) Trustee USA
13 Judith Aidoo (Henry Crown Fellow 2001) Trustee USA
14 Arjun Gupta (Henry Crown Fellow 2001) Trustee USA
Timothy Marquez (Henry Crown Fellow 2001) Trustee USA
15 Simon Winter (Technoserve VP) Trustee USA
16 Judy Wade Trustee USA